What A Difference A name Makes

Who and what is Israel? Mistaken identity of an individual can lead to very serious and embarrassing repercussions. Likewise, mistaken identity of a whole race of people can lead to serious errors in judgment and understanding. The risen, ascended Lord Jesus warned John, a prisoner for his faith on the island of Patmos, about racial identity theft when He warned about ‘those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie!’ (Revelation 2:9; & 3:9). Then there are those who jump on the bandwagon of the modern-day Israelis phenomenon as if they were the whole House of Israel, set to inherit all the promises of God. The fact is, after nearly seventy years of trial and effort, using a title that strictly speaking and according to the Biblical birthright titledeed is not theirs to use, they are still very much a puppet state dependent on the goodwill and funding of hoodwinked western governments to survive, attempting to usher in a Messianic state without the Messiah. And then there are always those who audaciously write-off God’s Chosen People completely and attempt with all their unsuccessful might to make the four-square peg of God’s physical promises to the House of Israel fit the spiritual round hole of the New Testament Church. On this issue it is important to remember that because our 'western' history, philosophy and doctrine has been influenced by Rome, both imperial and papal, for more than 1,500 years, serious questions have to be asked about the validity of this teaching.

     - When did the One who stated, "I am the LORD, I change not;" change His mind about His nation of choice?”
     - When did God actually abandon His congregation of Israel to start another?
     - Was God actually mistaken or perhaps even deluded when He said, 'I change not'?
     - Did God in fact find Himself in a hopeless situation when it came to working with the stubborn and rebellious people of Israel and abandoned them when He banished them into exile?
     - Has in fact, God turned His back entirely on the world, unable to cope with the wilful nature of mankind?
Or——on the other hand, because these scenarios reflect the way we humanly tend to think, and because God's thoughts and ways are rarely the same as ours, has He a plan in motion that will yet bring about an awesome display of His power, and at the same time defeat an age long enemy thrown out of the courts of heaven for his rebellion against God.

In line with what the Scriptures teach, it is my firm belief that since the foundation of the world and particularly since the time he chose a man in Abraham, a family in Jacob, and a nation in Israel, He has been constantly at work to bring about an astounding, awe inspiring result as part of the continuous, longterm partnership and covenant with the nation of His choice.

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No Simple Passage
The Journey of the "London" and her passengers from England to New Zealand in 1842. Thomas & Susannah Chamberlain, together with their four children sailed aboard the London on this voyage to Port Nicholson. The author is Jenny Robin Jones a descendant of one of the passengers. The book was published in 2011 by Random House ISBN 978 1 86979 510 8
Wiltons Galore

The Pioneer Story of Robert Wilton and Elizabeth Denman from Montacute, Somerset, England and continued through their children and grand-children in New Zealand. Mary Wilton married Arthur Joseph Chamberlain, and this is the story & record of her family.
This book was compiled by descendant Jo Wilton and published in 2007 by Colin Watson & Colin Liddell
ISBN 978 0 473 11318 6

Petticoat Pioneers
Petticoat Pioneers 

Stories of New Zealand's North Island women of the colonial pioneering era compiled and recorded for us by author Miriam Macgregor. Two of the women featured in this book are Susannah Catherine (Bull) Chamberlain and her daughter -in-law (Catherine McKenzie) Kitty Chamberlain.
This book was published in 1973 by A.H.& A.W. Reed, Wellington, New Zealand.
ISBN 0 589 00771 8

Paddy the Wanderer
Paddy the Wanderer 

The true story of an Airedale dog who captured the heart of the city of Wellington during the dark days of depression. Also captured here is Paddy's association with Blue Taxicab manager, Merlin Chamberlain. The author is Dianne Haworth, a dog-lover and editor of Animal's Voice, who lives and works in Auckland.
The book was published in 2007 by HarperCollins NZ.
ISBN 978 1 86950 625 4

On the Trail of
Parker & Walker

Parker-Walker Families

This 2015 self-published family history has been put together by Marjorie Prictor on the trail of Parker and the Walker families who came to New Zealand in the 1860s. Marjorie is a descendant still living in the Northland district of Port Albert where each of these families settled.

Douglas Family Reunion

A family history of the Douglas Family in Australia, compiled in 1981 for a family reunion by sisters Grace Douglas & Rosalie Vanstan of Bendigo, Victoria.
Downloadable as file-093 from the Supplements Page.